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Does anyone want to take your project for a spin?

As a designer, I‘m naturally passionate about the “exterior” of things, the way it feels, the way you feel when you’re using it, and ultimately the impact it has on you. For instance, what makes a BMW so nice? Is it the sleek exterior, the perfectly tuned engine, or the thrill of the ride?

Would it still seem so nice if it maintained its excellence in engineering and technology, but that sleek exterior you loved so much was more like a `96 Ford Fiesta? Even more, what if BMW marketed the car as being the best in its class for engineering, but stated that the exterior of a car was less important to them; therefore you shouldn’t worry about how it feels when you drive it?

Apply that thinking to what project you’re involved with now, whether it’s a training program, a simple PowerPoint for your team, or even thinking about your company’s first iPad app. Design matters.

As much as you focus on the content, you should also take some time to consider how you plan to present it to your audience. They’re the ones who need to feel the thrill of the ride after all, right? You’re building it, and you hand them the keys. How do you want them to feel when they fire up the engine and take it for a spin?

Take a minute and think about the project you’re working on. Is it engaging? Does it feel good? Would you remember the experience if you were the learner? Does it have that, wind in your hair type of impact? It can. Just take the time to work on both the mechanics and the exterior, and you’re sure to find a lot of people eager to get in.

Stay tuned to this blog for some design tips and tricks in the near future.

Zach DeYoung

Although his design talent is overpowering, you can't fool us: We know a man of character when we see one.

Although Zach grew up in…

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