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Do You Spend Enough Time Promoting Your Content?

I have a morning reading ritual that takes me to a few different websites for some quick skimming to start the day. Topics vary from marketing, learning, and productivity, to current events and of course a few lifestyle blogs that I like to frequent. Recently while stumbling I ran across an interesting article that discussed the amount of time you should spend promoting the content you create on social media and other channels.

The article suggests to Of course the article was created with content marketers in mind, but I couldn't help but notice the significance of the advice for me and for anyone else that creates content (cough cough, training & development professionals). Which got me thinking…

Do I spend enough time promoting our content? And better yet, do you spend enough time promoting your content?

Chances are if you are part of a training or marketing team, you are constantly creating new content and iterating on existing content to make the very best resources for your sales reps or other internal audience. My advice? Don't spin your wheels creating great content that no one ever accesses, spend more time than you think you should promoting your content!

In order to promote effectively, it's critical to know the system(s) the content is going to live on and the communication channels that are appropriate in your environment for your target audience. For example, do you have a learning platform where your learners can access information on the go? If you were using our continuous learning platform, Flex, I would suggest starting with uploading the content into the system, tagging and categorizing it appropriately, adding it to relevant lists, and assigning it to people you know are interested in the topic (and who could be your content evangelists).

After reading that article and realizing my creation to promotion ratio might be a little slim, I sat down and made a list of everything I normally do to promote a piece of content. Then, I brainstormed all of the things I could be doing to promote a piece of content. I knew I should spend more time promoting and now I had a list of things to do to fill the gap.

It will be different for every company and every individual, but I'd encourage you to make a couple of lists of your own and figure out where you might fill those gaps in promotion time. Afterall, your content was created to be consumed (by as many people as possible), give it the best chance you can to be seen and used!

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