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Day 91: Core belief 8—Life is meant to be lived.

August 8, 2012. A few days ago we shared Maestro’s core beliefs at a team meeting. This is the eighth in a series of posts to provide greater depth and dimension to a few things we know for sure.

Such a simple phrase, right? So obvious. Nevertheless, we think it’s a truth that escapes a good many companies and individuals. We don’t think Life is meant to be lived is a cliché. Rather, we see it as a reminder of properly ordered priorities, perhaps even a wake-up call many of us need to hear again and again.

Remember that wise mentor we mentioned in discussing another of our core beliefs, Passion becomes power? Well, he had another observation we take to heart: “Only two things matter in the end—your relationships with those important to you and your health.”

That’s it. When everything else in life is swept away and all that remains is the real living, that’s all there is. There is no equal sign between life and work—unless you put it there by mistake or choice.

Even though they both start with w and sort of sound alike, work and worth are not synonymous. It seems to us that a big part of what makes us irreplaceable for our loved ones is our wisdom to recognize the need for balance, our persistence to pursue it and our courage to actually grasp it when it’s within our reach. Helping every member of Team Maestro be courageous is at the top of our priority list.

Yes, there is work to be done. Deadlines demand our respect, and clients deserve our attention. But there is also laughter to be shared and small things to be remembered and celebrated. Health and relationships to be protected, nurtured. Sorrows to be cradled. Hurts to be soothed.

Renew. Refresh. Refocus. These are how we make sure work completes but does not consume us. When it comes to work and life, balance is the goal. Make no mistake: Taking care of ourselves and each other is as important as taking care of business.

Jen Randall

There's no one better at anticipating and meeting needs. Words like driven, thoughtful, genuine, loving and empathic give you an idea of …

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