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Day 90: Core belief 7—Honesty begins with being true to ourselves.

August 7, 2012. A few days ago we shared Maestro’s core beliefs a team meeting. This is the seventh in a series of posts to provide greater depth and dimension to a few things we know for sure.

We all wear our persona like a badge. Others know us by how we speak and what we say. They take hints from our posture and listen to the language our body speaks. They judge if we are quiet or boisterous, note if we arrive early or late and observe how we conduct ourselves in countless unnoticed ways. Of course, we telegraph substantially more in meetings, through chance encounters and brief greetings, at parties and during casual lunches. 

All of these, collected and processed by others, form their perceptions of who we are and how we move among others. They leave a visible trail of evidence, telltale signs of our personalities and what we value, hold near and dear. It’s usually pretty easy to be true to the image people have of us because, after all, it’s been formed, thanks to our unconscious nature. But honesty, like charity, begins at home. And in this case, home is the space between our ears. 

Honesty really begins by being true to ourselves. And nothing good comes from denying who we are or what we feel. Unless we speak the truth to ourselves, we’ll be out of balance, confused and conflicted. Why wouldn’t we, you ask. Simply because absolute honesty, to ourselves and others, strips away our shields, takes away all of our hiding places and makes us vulnerable. Honesty equals risk. 

At Maestro, our goal is to create a secure and supportive work environment where everyone feels safe enough to be courageously transparent. Speaking respectfully from the heart in open dialogue with clients and each other paves the way to healthy relationships. Opening ourselves up to honest feedback clears and broadens our vision.

Jen Randall

There's no one better at anticipating and meeting needs. Words like driven, thoughtful, genuine, loving and empathic give you an idea of …

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