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Day 89: Core belief 6—Humility makes us all teachable.

August 6, 2012. A few days ago we shared Maestro’s core beliefs at a team meeting. This is the sixth in a series of posts to provide greater depth and dimension to a few things we know for sure.

Humility is the great equalizer that makes us all teachable, and it is at the heart of Maestro’s brand promise, Better together. A metaphor for our company, the phrase defines success as a matter of becoming complete, a process of filling each other’s gaps. It helps us accept that behind each finest hour are countless teachable moments.

Humility is an enabler, opening us up to the potential that others represent. On its hinges swings wide the gate of possibilities. When it’s closed, we remain inward-focused, unable to grow into what colleagues and clients could help make us.

But when humility opens it, we recognize that the words, actions and contributions of others may be just what we need to learn and grow. That puts on the road to self-awareness and self-improvement. Kindness starts the process, and compassion guides it.

Humility is all about attitude, perspective, receptiveness and malleability. It makes us brave enough to say, “I don’t know” and comfortable enough to ask for help, put others before ourselves and learn from one another. Humility teaches us how to use with sincerity a whole new vocabulary including words and phrases like “I’m sorry,” “we” (instead of the persistent “I”), “servant” and “selfless.”

For Maestro, humility is not just important. It is the currency of our culture: The price of admission. It is who we are. It resonates in how we speak about ourselves, to others and to one another and mirrors to a world beyond our own the desire to approach life and business with a servant’s spirit and attitude.

We spoke about how we relate to clients in an earlier post on Service, and some of what we said there bears repeating here. Ask our clients about what we do for them—and how we go about it. Better yet, ask them why they continually refer us to colleagues.

Remarkably, more than half of our new business comes from referrals from thoroughly satisfied clients. It is compelling evidence, it seems to us, that humility and the passion for service that grows from it are the lifeblood of Maestro. Better together may describe how we work, how we solve and how we serve. But humility sets it all in motion.

Jen Randall

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