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Day 8: Smudging complete.

May 18, 2012. Did someone really draw it? Or did it just grow out of what business-as-usual thought was right—the way it ought to be? Either way, there it is—that distinct line between work and play. Maestro has always done its best to blur that line, rounding off its harsh edges and graying up the black and white. And I’m happy to report that in our new home the blurring, a veritable smudgefest, is now complete.

Midway through our first day here, I sat back to watch how members of the team were using the space, how they were getting on in this new environment that has no walls to shield, no doors to close—only proximity to invite. Come on, let my eyes be yours for a minute.

Everywhere I see clusters of people demonstrating what this space is supposed to be all about: collaboration. This is all new, of course, so exploration, discovery and just plain fun are also alive and well. For example, one team member is doing field research: Just how many acres of hardwood will this chair cover with just one push?

A member of Development is hefting a Maverick Rev-6, readying a nerf assault on the Programming camp. Of course, this is the first day. But I hope the blog I write on Day 78 or Day 296 will record the same kind of observations. In fact, I will be disappointed if, on any given day in the future, I don’t see work and play happily mixed.

Welcome to Maestro’s new digs. Although our tenure here is still in its infancy, the space already goes by many names: hip, cozy, creative, eclectic, collaborative, engaging and my personal favorite, fun. It is filled with reminders that those who play for Team Maestro are valued … and valuable.

In addition to all the necessary tools of our business, it has a pool table, a nerf arsenal, two bicycles (complete with helmets) for employees to use and a kitchen stocked with treats and beverages. The goal? To make getting work done in the office as easy, comfortable and carefree as it is at home.

Maestro has discovered how to be very serious about work and service without taking ourselves too seriously. A little giddy sometimes? Sure. Downright silly at others? Guilty as charged—and proud of it. Our new space hasn’t suddenly spawned our brand. It has given it room to grow, extended it and, like never before, made it a part of our public self. Because now everyone can see our brand and watch it in action.

So there, line. Consider yourself permanently smudged.

Jen Randall

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