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Day 76: Core belief 2—If businesses had love languages, ours would be service.

July 24, 2012. A few days ago we shared Maestro’s core beliefs at a team meeting. This is the second in a series of posts to provide greater depth and dimension to a few things we know for sure.

At Maestro, we are immensely proud that clients tell us we’re likable, easy to work with and willing companions when it’s time to travel the extra mile. We call this easy but respectful familiarity with our client-partners kinship. For us, it’s both a description of the relationships we cherish and the goal for each new opportunity.

Kinship is what occurs when mutual respect, cooperation and clear expectations join forces to meet common goals. Kinship lubricates the mechanics of interaction, making all of us comfortable enough to be who we are. In fact, if companies had love languages, we’re sure ours would be acts of service.

Caring for each other as we do makes nurturing our clients a natural part of what we do each day. As members of Team Maestro, we are fluent in service, and we quickly pick up the dialects of individual differences and special needs. We may pronounce quality and service in slightly different ways, but our meaning couldn’t be clearer. Marked by the spirit and heart of a servant, it is the Maestro way.

Yes, we’re hanging our collective hat on service as a point of differentiation. So what makes it real, what proves it in Maestro’s case? Certainly many companies say the same or similar. So why do we think it rings especially true with us?

First and foremost, we believe our explosive growth would simply not be possible without our servant’s spirit and attitude. They mark how we think about life as well as business. So, an attitude of service comes naturally to us. Every single day we assist clients in finding solutions that solve problems, create opportunities or even spawn whole new ways of thinking about and conducting their business.

Acts of service are the currency of the committed. Ask our clients about what we do for them—and how we go about it. Better yet, ask them why they continually refer us to colleagues. Remarkably, more than 50% of our new business comes from referrals from thoroughly satisfied clients—compelling evidence, it seems to us, that service is the lifeblood of Maestro.

Perhaps the most convincing spokespersons for service as a Maestro way of life are our very own team members. Go ahead, ask any of them. While you’ll hear answers colored by individual roles and perspectives, we’re confident the message will be pretty much the same. Service. It’s what we do . . . because when one gives, surely two (at least) receive.

Jen Randall

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