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Day 75: Core belief 1—Without purpose, work is just work.

July 23, 2012. A few days ago we shared Maestro’s core beliefs at a team meeting. This is the first in a series of posts to provide greater depth and dimension to a few things we know for sure.

We all want to invest our time and talent in things that matter. In the end, we want to feel that we have made things better because of what we have done during the few hours between the opening and closing of a day.

Sometimes it’s easy to see how our individual roles have contributed to a greater good. But on other days, for a whole constellation of reasons, it’s just as easy to lose sight of the big why. We think that’s inevitable, given human nature and the predictable ebb and flow of individual moods. Attitudes, like investments, are subject to short-term fluctuations and temporary diversions.

What sustains Team Maestro over the long haul is the certainty that we are working together on projects that will matter to people-solutions that will enable, enhance, empower, improve, instruct, enlighten . . . well, you get the idea. No purpose is grander or more fulfilling, we think, than helping make life more agreeable for those with whom we share it. It is the logical extension of our servant’s spirit and attitude.

Because we believe that purpose makes work meaningful and fulfilling, we set out to create a new work space that-through its intent, furnishings, organization and location-would reflect the same truth. What we have is not a place where people come to work. It is instead a living catalyst they enter each day to be refreshed, inspired, encouraged and captivated.

For those of us who work here, it is daily renewal. For the clients whose work gets done as a result, it is proof that we’re on to something worthwhile. It is evidence that the road not taken . . . perhaps should be more often.

Yes, without purpose, work is just work. But with purpose, work fulfills the Maestro mission to be a force for good by helping people do and be more. We help our community, companies and organizations improve and expand skills, confidence and potential. We gratefully share the privilege of growing people and promise. Remarkably, it seems to us that effort in pursuit of a greater good doesn’t feel like work at all.

Jen Randall

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