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Day 65: The value of values.

July 13, 2012. A few days ago we shared something with the members of Team Maestro that we have been preparing for a long time—our core beliefs. Actually, such truths go by several names: core values, guiding tenets, core beliefs. There were no surprises, and we would have been alarmed if there had been.

Instead, there was a lot of quiet reflection, some positive comments and observations and more than a few understanding nods. Although no one said it in so many words, the reaction could be summed up in: “It’s about time.” For the five years of our existence, team members have seen these beliefs reflected in countless little ways. So watching them finally committed to words was a confirmation not a revelation.

For Maestro, our core beliefs are the invisible additives (frequently a lubricant, often a salve, sometimes an adhesive and occasionally a fuel) that make it all work. They are the, until now, unspoken rules about how we go about conducting business… and life. Before our meeting, team members might not have been able to make a specific list of them. But they surely could have cited how different things would be without them.

Often such truths are harnessed in some fashion to mission and vision statements which are supposed to tell the world, respectively, what we do each day and what we would hope our company would be in an ideal world. But the mission and vision statements we crafted left us unsatisfied. They didn’t ring true. We couldn’t stand back with pride and confidently say, “This is Maestro.” They were made with good and well-intentioned words, but they just weren’t performing up to our expectations.

So many months ago we decided to aim our efforts in a different direction. As a result, we wrote words that speak about Maestro in positive ways that offer insights to readers. We think these words help them take the pulse of our company and give them windows into how we think, feel and create.

More importantly, we crafted words that give us a chance to speak the language of and build the machinery for accountability. We deliberately wrote words that have the potential for attached strings—tangible, traceable connections to activities, policies and practices inside Maestro that give them a life of their own.

We wanted to distill what we believed as a company into simple, powerful statements. Certainly, we want them to eventually hang in a nice frame on the wall… but we also want them to walk the halls, so to speak. (Actually, Maestro’s new space doesn’t have halls, but please work with us here.)

What we captured in words are not vague summaries, but specific beliefs. We laid things on the line in words that say what we believe about life, people and business. We simply shared a few things we know for sure.

But we did more than that. We wrote about what drives us, what inspires us, what we value and hold dear. And as we move along, we’ll be talking about and explaining the parts of living and working at Maestro that keep these truths alive and well every single day. To say it in a different way: We will be sharing how we are making these truths actionable because we always knew it would take more than words.

The proof of our core beliefs will be large, powerful, unmistakable and far-reaching. Mission and vision statements ask to be accepted on blind faith. However, facts and substance will back these beliefs. That’s why we think they will accomplish something more meaningful, measurable and memorable than mission and vision statements could. So keep your eye on this blog over the next few days to learn more about our core beliefs and how we will breathe life into them.

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