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Day 22: Ready to do the ‘Zoo.

June 1, 2012. There’s a difference between being in Kalamazoo and being a part of Kalamazoo. For the past five years, Maestro has been on the fringes of the city, located miles from downtown. Even our day-to-day business, for the most part, has not immersed us in Kalamazoo because most of our clients are not local.

However, since early May, Maestro has occupied scrumptious new headquarters above Food Dance restaurant. So hello, Kalamazoo, we’re anxious to get to know you. And we’re just as eager for you to get to know us.

Even though Maestro’s surroundings have changed, the face of Maestro is here to stay. New space, same face you might say. Oh, don’t get us wrong. Faces at Maestro are changing all the time. That’s because we’re constantly adding new team members. But the true face of the company we launched five years ago remains the same.

In fact, years of adhering to the few things we know for sure have made us more certain than ever that our face—our persona—is precisely what we want it to be. And we’re proud to say, it reflects what we think it should: the spirit and heart of a servant. If businesses had love languages, we’re pretty sure ours would be acts of service.

We have profound respect and appreciation for our fellow team members. The proud heart of this small but growing company beats within each of us. And through us all flows the lifeblood of commitment and a certainty that work that is okay will never be with us. This is the Maestro we hope you’ll to come to know and love, Kalamazoo.

Our path to your doorstep has led us through some interesting scenery. We’ve come a long way, and we can’t help believing that we are now where we were always meant to be—right where the heart of this city beats most visibly and audibly. We see it in the bustle of your crowded noon-time streets and hear it in the music from your festival center. We’re eager to be part of it all.

While we are not huge in numbers, our ranks are growing all the time. Just think: Thirty-plus team members buying lunches, going for coffee, checking our festivals and art hops, bringing friends and family members back in the evenings and on weekends to show off our offices and staying for dinner and a movie or some live theatre. It’s happening already.

It makes us proud to think about how Maestro will be contributing to downtown Kalamazoo. We will be pleased to do our part to support the downtown businesses on whom, we’re sure, we will come to depend. We look forward to extending ourselves and becoming a more vital and active part of the community—and to doing the ‘Zoo like never before.

Jen Randall

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