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Day 161: All dressed up and one place to go.

October 17, 2012. Although there were no fluffy gowns and nary an updo in sight, Maestro’s party last Thursday seemed more like a debutante ball than an open house for clients, prospects, friends and family. I can’t tell you how many people we talked to who said how beautiful we had become and how grown up we acted. It was enough to make us blush!

Guests commented on our courtesy and sophistication. And we couldn’t help but smile when they observed the poise with which we moved and interacted. All in all, we felt like beaming parents at a daughter’s coming-out party when wide-eyed admirers ask, “Well, where have you been keeping her?” We were a little embarrassed. But very pleased . . . and immensely happy.

It’s true. When we steal an honest look at the Maestro we have become, we see that we have grown up. And we’re pleased that so many think we are attractive and want to spend time with us. It’s pretty exciting and doubly encouraging.

But last Thursday was more than a coming-out milestone for a blushingly grateful young company overwhelmed by its blessings. It was also an inaugural for parents, spouses, families and significant others of pleased team members who couldn’t wait to share their good fortune. Overheard: “And this is my desk, Mom” and “Do you want to see where Daddy works?”

As charming, delightful and wonderful as all of this was, we couldn’t help feel that there was more still. With each passing hour, there grew a sense that we were a part of something far bigger and more important than ourselves. “You really have something here,” said one enthusiastic guest.

Indeed we do. We have the opportunity to recognize, promote and share the wonderful sense of community we have enjoyed since our arrival in this beautiful new space. We certainly felt it before, but it was overpowering in everything we saw and heard last Thursday evening. It awed and overwhelmed us.

We have the chance to be an example, the opportunity to inspire. We also have a chance to be a force for good . . .  times 37, the current number of Maestro team members. We have a chance to encourage, help and support others by being a flag bearer in these trying economic times.

Most importantly, we have the opportunity to model humility and gratitude for what the talent of our team members has made possible. We have a chance to daily act out the core beliefs that collectively have become our model for living life and doing business.

Maestro is a wondrous work in progress. We will be different tomorrow than we are today. A year hence will find us further transformed, evolved, reinvented. Because, in the end, the “something” we have here is not a thing at all, but a relentless and tantalizingly unquantifiable spirit that pauses not to boast and beam but only to serve and thank.

Jen Randall

There's no one better at anticipating and meeting needs. Words like driven, thoughtful, genuine, loving and empathic give you an idea of …

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