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Day 15: David words. Goliath task.

May 25, 2012. Thank you. When you look at these two slim words, they seem so undersized for their assigned job. Just eight slight letters to move mountains of gratitude from our hearts into the public spotlight.

Thank you, clients. You remember us when we were just beginning and still learning how to serve you. You have been patient with us and given us opportunities to succeed. You supported us and trusted us to breathe life into your wish lists. You have taught us much about loyalty, partnership and collaboration.

Thank you, partners. We have grown together. You have merged your time and talents with ours so that we could make the differences that count—now and well into the future. Separately, we did well. Together, we’re learning how much better we can do . . . and be.

Thank you, Kalamazoo Valley Community College and, specifically, the Michigan Technical Education Center (M-TEC). You have been our home for most of these past five years. Maestro is only one of many validations of the wisdom of your vision for a business incubator. Yours is an idea that works, and our grateful company is part of the living proof.

Thank you, fellow incubator residents. We appreciate your patience with us and the opportunity to rub shoulders with you. We have learned from one another and helped each other along the way. Together, we are a living case study of cooperation and give and take. You have taught us new dimensions of both working together and working it out.

This business incubator has blessed our little business and allowed it to grow. These olive green and terra cotta walls have served us well. Without it and all of you, the story of Maestro, an upstart five years ago, might be very, very different.

We are much more than excited as we reflect on our move. This is an opportunity to spread our wings and extend our brand and culture into dazzling new space. But we remain ever mindful of the clients, partners, colleagues and friends and family members who have shaped us into a company capable of leaving the nest. And, of course, immeasurable thanks are due to the giants who come to work here every day and the families who share them with us.

Though they are just two in number and only a syllable each, we leave you with the two familiar words we have never known to fail, miss the mark or fall flat. Think of them as the calm before the storm . . . of applause. Thank you.

Jen Randall

There's no one better at anticipating and meeting needs. Words like driven, thoughtful, genuine, loving and empathic give you an idea of …

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