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Day 110: Good-bye, London Olympics. Hello, Maestrolympics.

*August 27, 2012. *We were so immensely proud of Team USA that we wanted to do something, in our own Maestro way, to pay respect to the Olympic spirit. So just hours after the closing ceremony for the incredible 2012 London Olympics, the athletes of Team Maestro were gearing up for the first-ever Maestrolympics.

Oh sure, the events were fewer and NBC chose not to cover it. And never mind that we sort of mixed the summer and winter games up a bit. (We threw curling in for good measure, rounding out a roster of chair racing, ping pong and nerf target shooting.)

When the dust settled and the laughter died down, Development had the most medals (1Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze). Next was Sales with five medals (2 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze). Creative wrapped up competition with 2 Gold and 2 Bronze.

Whispers among those in the know are saying, “Just wait for the Winter Games!” After all, we have (for real) a member of a former NCAA championship hockey team and a World’s Silver Medalist figure skater on staff. So get ready, world.

About here is where some would say, “But seriously, folks . . .” But this is Maestro, and this is us being serious—or at least serious enough. You see, we’re pretty confident we know what matters—our clients, our work, the differences we’re making throughout our industry and the health, well being and fulfillment of our team members. We’re just as confident about our ability to get as serious and focused as we need to be when we need to be.

We’ve learned, though, that our best work comes when we don’t do that continuously—when we don’t take ourselves or our challenges too seriously. Believe it or not, solutions lurk among fun, laughter and lightheartedness. And guess what? Those who are perpetually serious sometimes miss them because they’re too busy being tight-lipped and grim-faced. It’s hard to see through a squint.

Maestro is all about blurring the line between work and fun. Because when they’re merged, the former seems a lot like the latter. Who doesn’t want the best of both worlds? Maestro has always done its best to blur that line, rounding off its harsh edges and graying up the black and white. And I’m happy to report that in our new office home the blurring, a veritable smudgefest, is pretty much complete and nonstop. We planned it that way.

Our work speaks for itself. And when it and the clients who own it talk, we continually hear things like “Awesome,” “On the money,” “Game-changing,” “Innovative” and “Over the top.” About the only thing left, then, is deciding how much of our secret sauce to share with the world. If it sees us chair racing on our Facebook page, for example, should we worry that it may question our professionalism and work ethic. Hmmm. Excuse us a minute while we ponder that.

Okay, that’s long enough. No. For two reasons. One is a repeat: Our work, success and growth speak for themselves. And two: Most observers will look at that work and understand that it couldn’t come from anything other than a balanced process—a seriously whimsical approach to work and working.

We don’t come to work to play, but it’s a rare day when the comfort, informality and camaraderie of the office we call home don’t temper work and make it more enjoyable. We are Maestro, and we’re very comfortable in our own skins. So go ahead. Watch us on Facebook. We think you’ll see why.

Jen Randall

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