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Black Friday, There’s an App for That

Black Friday. The Friday following Thanksgiving. The craziest shopping day of the year. A full 24-hours of sales. Are you ready for this?

The term Black Friday, coined in the 1960s, was used to signify the point at which retailers began to run a profit throughout the year. Since sales between January and November were less than stellar this was the first point that retailers were “in the black” all year. The truth is Black Friday has gotten more and more intense over the years. Today, sales run from midnight to midnight, some even creeping into Thanksgiving night!

So, whether you participate or not, the question becomes, how do we navigate this wild day? Of course, there’s an app for that!

Check out my recommendations for the best apps to be most successful through the Black Friday craziness.

Wunderlist: Make your list, and check it twice. Definitely an upgrade from the handwritten list I use to create for my Mom, and much easier to share with other members of the family.

Snapchat: Let’s admit it. There are some pretty hilarious shoppers on Black Friday. Capture those goofy moments, spirited outfits, and purchasing feuds to share with others!

Candy Crush: These are the meanest, longest, most wicked lines you will see all year, which means you better equip yourself with some stellar games to pass the time. Candy Crush is the kind of game that you have to delete because you waste so much time playing it; well, on Friday, that is just what you need!!

Twitter: Tell your friends where you are finding the best deals. Follow your favorite brands and stores for real-time sale information. Share your joy or misery…#BlackFriday

Adobe Kuler: Be sure that whatever you pick out for your sister’s new kitchen or Aunt Sally’s quilting room matches the color scheme! Take a picture with the Kuler app, and it will pull out the colors in your shot. After you capture, save the colors and compare & contrast before purchase – no gift receipt required!

Starbucks: Fuel up! Use the Starbucks app to locate caffeine nearest you.

The Verge: Buying for a techie? Use The Verge to read through some last minute tech reviews and figure out if that extra $20 for the premium model is worth it.

Venmo: Going in on a gift for Mom and Dad with your siblings? Use Venmo to make splitting the cost a cinch. There’s no need to write an IOU when you can “hand over” the cash right after purchase.

Google Maps: Planning the most efficient route? Lost? Need to know where Target is? Make sure your Google Maps is ready to roll.

Find my Friends: Hitting the mall with friends or family? You are bound to split up and focused shoppers don’t always hear their phone or feel it vibrate. Make sure you are all added to the Find My Friends application before heading out; no call, text, or carrier pigeon necessary.

Nike+ Running: Check yo’ fitness. Chances are that you will be doing quite a bit of walking that day. Use the Nike Run+ application to track how many miles you walked throughout the day; it’s rewarding to look down and see how far you’ve gone. On Friday, shopping is your exercise.

Start downloading peeps. We only have three days to prepare. Good luck, and see you out there.

Sydney Hill

Not to mention refreshing, positive and downright invigorating. Should we expect anything less from a personality that absolutely bubbles…

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