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Apple’s WWDC starts TODAY!

Apple’s WWDC conference begins TODAY and three lucky Maestronauts are there to experience the excitement first hand. We can’t wait to hear what the company has in store for developers and Apple fans like us. But we’re certainly not alone in our eagerness to hear the big news.

This year’s conference is even more highly anticipated than previous years, as Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has promised that the company will expand into new product areas this year. Here’s what’s we’re expecting to learn more about at this year’s conference:

  • New Hardware: This is where a lot of the excitement always lies with WWDC each year. Apple did just purchase Beats Electronics, which is sure to turn out some interesting partner products later on down the road. But for now, there are rumors of some interesting new products floating around. Possibilities include a fitness wristband that would serve as Apple’s answer to FitBit, a smartwatch, a set-top box for TV and even – yes – the possibility of a larger iPhone.
  • Connected Home: As our own Nate Norman predicted earlier this year, this may just be the year of the connected home. Apple could be jumping into the game with features that would allow you to control your home’s lights, security system, electronics, thermostat and more all from your iPhone. Pretty cool, right?
  • OS X 10.10: It’s expected that the look and feel of OS X 10.10 will be quite a departure from the current OS X Mavericks, implementing many of the same design principles used in iOS 7. We’re cautiously optimistic.
  • iOS 8: Speaking of iOS 7, it was released at WWDC 2013 and it’s expected that the next version will be announced this year. Unlike OS X 10.10, we don’t expect these updates to be too radical.

Grab your popcorn – or maybe an app for some kind of snack food – and stay tuned throughout June to see more – much more – about WWDC and the news and announcements that emerge. It’s going to be a fun month!

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