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9 Ways to Use 1 Video

I have a black tank top that is my absolute favorite tank top of all time. I wish I would have bought that tank top in every color they offered. Had I known how great it was at the time, I would have. Why do I love it so much? It's the right length, flows just right, it's super comfortable, and I can wear it with nearly anything…

  • Untucked with pants
  • Tucked in with pants
  • Tucked in with a skirt
  • Over a dress with a belt
  • With boots
  • With sandals
  • Under a sweater
  • Dressed up with a chunky necklace
  • Dressed down with yoga pants

….the list goes on. It's a one of the best purchases I have made. Why do I tell you this totally off-topic tangent about a black tank top when you want to learn about video? Well, strategic well-developed video is your black tank top.

Let's say, for example, that you're a medical device company and you make a motion graphics + 3D animation video introducing a new product. When developed with multi-use in mind, here's a list of all the ways you could use that one video:

  1. Pump up video for your sales reps
  2. Inform your sales reps of the product's basic functionality
  3. Add it to your website for additional marketing collateral
  4. Allow sales reps to use it as a refresher piece to watch before selling the product
  5. Allow sales reps to use it as a performance support piece to teach potential customers about the product's basic functionality
  6. Allow sales reps to use it as a "wow piece" in front of customers
  7. Reuse the 3D animation portion in an eLearning course
  8. Reuse the 3D animation as it's own stand alone video for performance support or continuous learning
  9. Reuse the 3D animation in another video (for sales reps or a different audience)

What's great about well-crafted video is, much like my black tank top, it's an easy sell once you see the value.

Don't believe you can use 1 video 9 ways?

Check out this motion graphics + 3D animation video we developed!

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