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9 Reasons to Make a Zip Course

You've probably learned by now that our new offering, Zip Course, is a fast, affordable, but equally beautifully alternative to custom eLearning development. There are plenty of reasons to make a Zip Course, to take the three simple steps to turn your PowerPoint (or PDF or other form of storyboard) to a course that’s polished and ready to go. Here are nine of them to get you started...

1. You don’t have enough time.

There’s one you and four courses due in the next two weeks, you do the math...

2. You have enough budget (and other things to do).

As low as $5,000 for a course. YES, $5,000 for a beautiful course.

3. Your course is seriously outdated.

Time for a refresh!!

4. Your course is outdated.

Hint: even if it’s just a little outdated, your learners noticed. Time for a refresh!

5. You are a really good instructional designer.

If you’re deep in I.D. land, stay there and leave the design and development to us.

6. You don’t have a designer bone in your body.

Maybe picking the correct images, creating the right graphics and making everything just right isn’t your thing. That’s ok, we do that really well so you don’t have to.

7. Something just came up.

You were ready to make this course, until that other stack of work just got plopped on your desk. Not a big deal though, because you have a partner you trust to put your course together in wicked speed.

8. You need some pizzaz.

You have the course written, but it’s in desperate need of some images, graphics, interactivity, etc. to keep your learners engaged.

9. You don’t have enough budget for custom.

You're use to custom development, but this time around custom just isn't in the budget.

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