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46 Tips to Increase Your Sales Productivity

At Maestro, we're pretty big fans of anything that can help increase sales force productivity.

Many of us have our own tips, tricks, gadgets and apps that help us be more productive. We asked a few of our friends to share what mobile apps help increase their sales productivity.

Why not give a couple of them a try?

1. Allyson Kazmucha

Scanner Pro is one of the best document scanning apps available in the App Store. It works amazingly well with Readdle's other file management products, as well, including PDF Expert and Documents 5. Simply snap a photo of a signed document with your iPhone and send it away.

- Allyson Kazmucha,

2. Ashwin Satyanarayana

For project management, I use Asana's mobile app to keep track of my work - divided into projects and/or clients. My team gets instant updates and all communication related to a task or a project stays where it should. No emails.

- Ashwin Satyanarayana, Founder, Fetchprofits

3. Andy Golden

I would encourage you to look into Skuid. It is a UI overlay on your Sales Force experience and allows you to drag and drop components to rebuild/redesign the look and feel. Personally, this allows me to be a more productive worker bee. AppExchange or online, look it up.

- Andy Golden, Enhancing the UI with Skuid

4. Jeff Eskow

The Linkpoint Connect tool offers more functionality and more connectivity than Salesforce's native email integrator ...and it's VERY inexpensive.

- Jeff Eskow, Linkpoint 360

5. Nate Norman

Hello allows you to scan a business card and then record notes about the contact, connect with them socially and even track the name of the event you where you met.

- Nate Norman, VP of Products, Maestro

6. Dan Tyre

I would recommend two apps: 1) HubSpot for the iPhone and 2) Signals for iPhone.

- Dan Tyre, Director, HubSpot

7. Caleb Diffel

I've been getting a lot of mileage out of AnyList lately. I can share shopping lists with my wife and we can always stay in sync on what groceries & stuff we need. It's saved time because if she needs me to stop at the store on the way home from work, she can just add an item to the list and I get a notification that it was added. Pretty nifty.

- Caleb Diffel, Pepsi Beverages Company

8. Carlos Calderon-Phangrath

Set reminders on your phone calendar with vibrate notifications. I find it beneficial to have reminders even though I already know my appointment time.

- Carlos Calderon-Phangrath, Owner, Computer Central Inc.

9. Corneliu Chitanu

I used an app for the Pomodoro timing technique to keep me focused for 25 minutes (later more minutes), then get a 5 minute break. Later I got used to the technique and didn't need the app anymore. I guess it helped create a habit.

- Corneliu Chitanu, iOS Developer, Visum

10. David Taylor

Kickstarter. I love seeing what new projects are coming out.

- David Taylor, Techno Buffalo

11. Derek Walter

Quip seeks to rethink office productivity by de-emphasizing the need for attachments and file formats and more on collaboration and a flexible writing space.

- Derek Walter,

12. Eileen Brown

My Expenses allows you to manage your expenses when out and about. You can create expense items for multiple accounts and categorize each transaction. Recurring items such as fixed costs can easily be created.

- Eileen Brown,

13. Glip

Meeting on-the-go, team chat, and task management are necessary and natural for mobile. It's why Glip mobile is a high priority.

- Glip, Inc.

14. Gmanist

1password keeps track of all passwords safely.

- Gmanist

15. Amy O'Donnell

I use Evernote and Wunderlist quite frequently. Clear app is nice, as well. I also use Harvest app at work.

- Amy O'Donnell, Art Director, Maestro

16. Hampus Jakobsson

I can of course recommend Brisk which helps you to work with Salesforce tasks like a ‘modern’ task list.

- Hampus Jakobsson

17. Harvard Business Review

Doodle is the scheduling solution that can free you from the tedious email threads that clutter up your inbox with eight different people conferring on their respective availability.

Identify a few potential windows for the call or meeting you're trying to schedule, and ask everyone who needs to be there to identify all the times that could work for them (not just their preferred windows).

- Harvard Business Review

18. Anthony Pica

Have a look at Todoist. It's an amazing task management app with a super-clean UI. Also do a quick search for 'GTD' or 'Getting Things Done' for productivity philosophy. You're using Chatter in Salesforce and the Salesforce1 mobile app, right?

- Anthony Pica, Director of Marketing, Internet Creations

19. Jeff Vance

Boxer is an app that makes mobile email more... well, mobile. You can use it to aggregate multiple email accounts, centralize archiving, and more closely tie email to other productivity tools.

- Jeff Vance, Journalist for Wired, Forbes, Network World, CIO, Datamation,

20. Jaskaran Singh

Action Plans creates reusable task templates for accounts, opportunities, contacts, or leads, which is very useful for productivity’s sake. It can be a very beneficial app to an organization.

- Jaskaran Singh, Salesforce Administrator, Data Migration, CRM Professional

21. Jeffrey L. Wilson

The eFax iPad app makes it simple to send and receive faxes from your tablet, losing very little in the transition from desktop to mobile.

- Jeffrey L. Wilson, PC Mag

22. John Corpuz

CloudMagic features a unified email inbox (for up to five accounts). A powerful 'contextual cards' feature that lets you send the contents of your mail to a variety of popular tools such as Salesforce, OneNote and ZenDesk makes it a mobile worker's best friend.

- John Corpuz, Tom’s Guide

23. John Ubell

I check Google Adsence several times a day. Facebook pages manager helps me keep track of Big Iris Productions stats. Many of these apps have widgets that I use on my home screen.

- John Ubell, Owner, Big Iris Productions

24. Justin Garey

I use Zapier to help connect apps like Google Drive, Producteev and Salesforce. As far as Salesforce apps, we use Action Plans (appexchange) to create repeatable task lists to assist with onboarding tasks.

- Justin Garey, Senior Consultant, ServiceMax at Cloud Sherpas

25. Kasia Mikoluk

Clear+. There are to-do apps, and then there is ‘Clear+’. Beloved of productivity geeks and lifehackers, Clear+ has quickly climbed the charts to become arguably the best to-do list app on the market. Its best feature is the stunning, gesture-friendly UI. You can create, edit, delete and move tasks with a single flick of a finger.

- Kasia Mikoluk, Udemy

26. Kevin Purcell

Note anytime, Office 365, and Evernote. Note anytime because of the simplicity and cloud sync across platforms. I also own an iPad. It's the only note-taking app I've found with good linking that does this. Office because I use it on my Mac and PC.

- Kevin Purcell

27. Jeff Lionz

Apsona is an absolute must if you need a native tool that will allow you update, change, or modify any object in in a grid format.

- Jeff Lionz, Consultant, LionzForce Consulting

28. Huffington Post

Formerly known as 'Read It Later', the free app 'Pocket' can be used to save articles, videos and web pages that you don't have time to read but want to return to later.

- Huffington Post

29. Lory Gil

Thanks to the clever ducks at IFTTT, we can code statements that let us get text messages when new articles post to iDB, send photos to our camera roll when we get them in SMS and more.

- Lory Gil,

30. Lucas Lazar

Google Drive. I have all my documents stored there. I should also add Google Hangouts to the list, it helps me stay in touch with my colleagues so I find it productive.

- Lucas Lazar, ecoIT Apps

31. Marianne Magno

. Not only can you make tasks with reminders, you can also make subtasks to make sure you don't miss any steps. Plus, the ability to share to-do lists with others makes group work a breeze. Lists sync across multiple devices, like your iPhone, Android, iPad, and on your web browser.

- Marianne Magno,

32. Marques Brownlee

Mighty Text allows me to sync and send texts from my computer.

- Marques Brownlee, MKBHD

33. Mike Phiz

We use for CRM, Office 365 E3 for office productivity, OneDrive for cloud storage (part of Office 365), for cloud PBX and telephonic conferencing, FreshDesk for Customer Support, Netsuite PSA for accounting and resource management, DocuSign for contract signing, Lync for IM and GoToMeeting for conferencing.

- Mike Phiz, CEO, Phiz Technologies

34. Jason Miller

I'm a strong advocate of Cirrus Insight. Their app for connecting Gmail, Google Drive, etc. with is incredibly intuitive and made syncing the CRM and email 'worlds' I live in a breeze!

- Jason Miller, Synegen

35. Pocket Now

Pushbullet allows you to push files between your computer and phone quickly.

- Pocket Now

36. Lindsay Tjepkema

I love the HubSpot app. It lets me track our inbound marketing efforts even when I'm not at my computer.

- Lindsay Tjepkema, Marketing Director, Maestro

37. Quarry

Some Q-Mates are glued to their smartphones. Being connected helps us go above and beyond for our clients. Also, we have our BlackBerry devices synced with our email and calendar. That and BBM would be the most popular uses.

- Quarry

38. Ryan Bushey

The biggest obstacles for projects getting completed can be people refusing to read email, which is why Mailtracker comes in handy. This helpful iOS app syncs with the iPhone's mailbox and can send you a detailed notification of when the other person reads a message, where they read it from, etc. Now you'll know if someone is telling you the truth when it comes to a memo.

- Ryan Bushey, Business Insider

39. Sarah Chang

I used Refresh all the time. It's the best app if you're constantly meeting a lot of people because it really easily updates you on what they've been up to by pulling in recent feeds from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

- Sarah Chang, Marketing, Sales, and Operations, 42 Technologies Inc.

40. Soldier Knows Best

I use Google Maps as a replacement to Apple maps. It's more fluid and has better search results.

- Solider Knows Best

41. Steve Kluver

IFTTT. I like looking at others' recipes. Seeing what is possible, and maybe things I had not thought of yet.

- Steve Kluver

42. Thomas Knoll

My favorite is WorkingOn because the whole focus is one what I am doing rather than what I need to do. So at the end of the day I have a big list of what I've accomplished rather than a longer todo list with no memory of what I've accomplished. And since the whole team uses it, we all get to see how things are moving along.

- Thomas Knoll, Primeloop

43. Tim Eplinius

Google Keep. I like it because it has fantastic synchronization between phones with phones and phones with PC. And it has the perfect design.

- Tim Eplinius

44. Craig Rieger

The Penultimate handwriting app that syncs with Evernote. It allows for key objectives, meeting notes and action steps to be recorded, stored and shared easily. It is a significant upgrade over my old black books.

- Craig Rieger, GM FitMetabolism Inc.

45. Chiarg Mehta

I recommend Metadata Search which helps you to quick search Salesforce Metadata Components: reports, dashboards, custom settings, configuration (apps, roles, profiles, permission sets, templates, groups, queues, sites, record types, assignment rules, buttons and links, and resources) and customization (classes, triggers, pages & components).

- Chiarg Mehta, CEO, Satrang Technologies Private Limited

46. Mohammadreza Samadi

Interestingly, the Weather Channel app is the most dynamic app which allows me to feel productive every day!

- Mohammadreza Samadi, Research Assistant at Social Optimization Laboratory, University at Buffalo

What's your favorite app to increase sales force productivity?

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