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3 Reasons to Use Snapchat for Learning

We recently discussed “What Snapchat Can Teach Us About Learning” - and, probably surprisingly to some - it can teach us a lot. The post had me thinking, what about Snapchat as a part of your learning you dare?

Snapchat is a free tool available to anyone with a smartphone, so if you’re looking for creative and cost efficient ways to increase engagement, what about giving it a try? I decided to look at using Snapchat from a business perspective, focused on assisting communication with your internal audience, let’s say salespeople, and this is what I came up with:

Product Messaging Reminders

Snapchat is a great tool to keep salespeople up-to-date on product information. What if you sent a daily Snapchat video with the “product tip of the day” that showcased some type of product information - functionality, the correct way to describe a feature, pricing, etc. - that is helpful to the salespeople. It’s a form of push continuous learning, but it’s so short and sweet, salespeople might actually watch it and, even better, learn from it!

Instant Support

What happens when a sales rep has a product question when they’re on the road? Do they take the time to craft an email, call hoping the support team will be available and have the right answer right off the bat? Imagine if they simply took a photo or video and sent it over to the support team via Snapchat? The support team can quickly send a video response back, perhap even demonstrating their response with the product in question.

Share Best Practices

Best practices often go unshared. Which is why a tool like Snapchat can be a gamechanger. Snapchat is a simple tool. It’s functionality is focused on delivering your content (photo or short video) to friends. The narrow functionality and ease of use that Snapchat provides makes it a really approachable tool for sale reps to use. Perhaps they are leaving a meeting with a client and found some messaging that hit the spot or they are in the middle of training session with a boss and they worked through a new way to approach a certain topic.

Never overlook the free tools that are out there, it’s always worth at least an investigation. Who knows, you could roll out a Snapchat training initiative and find huge success, for zero cost! It’s at least something to consider.

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