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10 Ways Event Apps Help Exceed Attendee Expectations

When it comes to planning and managing an event, providing an exceptional experience for your attendees is your top priority. One key requirement to ensuring your event exceeds their expectations is clear, effective communication with them before, during and after the event.

Not long ago, details about events were communicated through mailed postcards and packets, multiple emails, continuous website updates, printed handouts and bulky binders. Attendees received piles of mailers before the event, bags full of print materials on site and inboxes full of evaluations, surveys and follow-ups upon returning to the office.

Thanks to mobile technology, you now have the ability to be more efficient and effective in your efforts to communicate with your attendees. Here are ten ways event apps can help you achieve ultimate event success:

1. Establishing direct connections. Unlike printed mailers or paper handouts, event apps harness the connectivity of mobile devices, providing a fast, direct, communication channel between you and your attendees. Anytime. Any place.

2. Increasing flexibility. Anyone involved in event management knows that the only thing you can truly count on is change. Details of your agenda, speakers, materials, venue and more are sure to change countless times until the closing session of your event. Event apps allow you to avoid the headache of printing corrections and trying to ensure the changes are communicated to everyone. Simply update the details in the mobile CMS and send out a push notification to your attendees notifying them of the change. So simple!

3. Promoting speakers. You’ve worked hard to book speakers who will excite and capture the attention of your attendees. Event apps allow you to provide more valuable information about your speakers, such as the option to read more in-depth bios, explore related links, view pictures of them, and even interact directly with them via email or social media right from within the app.

4. Distributing content. Event apps allow you to create digital content libraries for your attendees. That means you can say, “So long!” to printing out hundreds of pages of PowerPoint slides for attendees to slip into their massive binders never to be looked at again. Instead, you can just make presentations available as PDFs in the content library. Attendees can access them again anytime and in any place they may need it later.

5. Encouraging feedback. Rejoice! Printed session evaluations are a thing of the past! No longer will you have to pass them out to attendees after every session, collect them and manually enter all that valuable feedback into a database somewhere in hopes you will still care about the results once they are all finally digitized. Now you can collect and analyze attendee feedback about sessions, speakers, venue and more – even the food – all through the event app.

6. Building community. Event apps make it possible to build excitement and encourage dialogue among your attendees before the event, establishing a buzzing community before they even arrive. They can incorporate features like forums or social media to unite attendees before, during and after your event.

7. Generating excitement. Face it; no one really gets excited when they receive another postcard or email about an upcoming event. However, you might be able to nab their attention with strategic push notifications from your event app. A real-time countdown to your opening session is always fun, as are live Twitter chats leading up to the event. All of this can be done through your event app.

8. Leveraging social media. Event apps can harness the power of social media by integrating channels like Twitter, Instagram and Vine right into the interface. Now, that’s something to Tweet about.

9. Highlighting sponsors. Your sponsors are what make your event possible. Event apps can help you give them more visibility, including logo placement, links to their website or landing pages – even the ability for one company to sponsor the app itself. Think about it; you can’t click on a printed banner to learn more about a sponsoring company.

10. Planning ahead. Event managers know that it’s never too early to start planning for next year! Event apps can help you spread the word about next year’s event among this year’s attendees. Sure, you can include a slide with next year’s event dates during lunchtime announcements, but wouldn’t it be cooler to have a meeting request pushed out to all of your attendees simultaneously right through the app? Snazzy.

So, there you have it. Just 10 of the many reasons event apps help you exceed the expectations of your attendees. If you haven’t done so already, consider an event app for your next event. With the long list of conveniences and increased communication they provide, you (and your attendees) will be glad you did.

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