So. Getting ready to write blogs? Or perhaps you’re looking to revamp ones you’ve already written. Great! Content is going to be a critical way to reach your audience, build your brand, and share your expertise. And there’s no better way to share the best practices for writing a blog post than by stepping up to write blogs!

Let’s get reading, so you can learn how to write blogs people love to read.

Find your blog writing style

Your style and what you choose to write about should be unique to you. The more authentic you are, the better. In fact, don’t be afraid to kick proper sentence structure to the curb—heck you could even write a paragraph that is one word.


But no matter your style, once you find it, stick to it. When you write blogs, consistency is key.

Craft blog titles that are both interesting and SEO effective

There are several types of title styles readers love: lists, questions, something surprising, or something of practical value. Here are some examples:

You can test the effectiveness of your title using CoSchedule’s free headline analyzer. The analyzer measures your titles for SEO, checking to see how easy it is for search engines to pick up.

Write blogs that are set up to skim

People rarely read entire articles (bummer, I know). Use paragraphs, lists, bolding/italics, headers, etc. to make your article easy to skim while still providing value.

Headers make reading easy. A good point is to keep header-free body copy sections shorter than 200 words. Then break it up with another header or subheader.

When possible, use compelling imagery

If you’re going to use an image in your blog post, it better be b-e-a-utiful AND it better be meaningful. You write blogs to create content that brings people value. And this includes the images you use.

Don’t just throw something in for eye candy. If it assists you in delivering your message in the best possible way (i.e. provides clarity as to what the heck you’re talking about), it should be in there.

This image is beautiful, but it provides no value. Don’t do this.

Keep your blog short… or long.

Your blog should be as long as it needs to be.

Don’t be afraid to write short blogs. If you’re writing and at 250 words you’ve said all you want to, stop. Also, don’t be afraid to write long blogs. Long blogs allow you to be less choosy with your words ,and it’s especially appropriate if you’re storytelling.

Finish your blog strong

Write blogs with a strong call-to-action (CTA) at the end. This might take readers to a case study, another page on your site, or a bigger piece of content that you have available for download.

Give your readers even more value than they expect so you can start to build trust. After all, you want them to come back for more and think of you when they need someone to help in your space!

Writing blogs involves, well, writing

And there you have it: how to write blogs people actually read. Now is the time to go out and start writing (which can often be the hardest part). Don’t leave any room for judgement, just start writing. Your style and point of view will reveal itself and strengthen with time.

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