In the first part of this blog series, we examined the often uneasy alliance between Sales and Marketing. We looked at some of the reasons reps ignore an estimated 90% of marketing content and spend a full third of their selling time looking for or creating their own content.

We concluded by asking—but not answering—a central question: does marketing content work? Or does the content created by Sales close deals?

Confronting a common misperception

The common perception is that Marketing produces content, and Sales uses it to sell. According to recent research those responding to a survey believed that Marketing created 80% of the content generated within their organization. But a deeper look proves that the responsibility for creating content may be spread more widely across organizations and actually looks like this.

Sales 40%
Marketing 30%
Engineering 10%
Services 10%
Other 10%

Taking the research cited in this source a few steps further reveals another major surprise. An analysis of more than 20,000 closed deals to isolate exactly what kind of content was most likely to close a deal indicated the following.

Created by Sales 61%
Created by Marketing 26%
Created by Other 13%

Whoa! This seems like a classic case of the right hand (Marketing) not knowing what the left hand (Sales) is doing.

Correcting the separate silos of marketing content vs sales content

It seems clear that, despite the success of Sales-created content in closing deals, too much marketing content is still produced in isolation from Sales. Segregated in separate silos, the two departments are ignoring the benefits that visibility, alignment, and collaboration would surely produce.

Isn’t it time for a wholesale re-evaluation of examination of the who, what, why and how of content creation and use?

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