Just this past week Articulate launched a new offering, Articulate 360. In their words “Articulate 360 is everything you need for course development in one convenient subscription. Articulate 360 includes several award-winning authoring tools, a new responsive-authoring app, screencasting apps, an ever-growing library of course assets, an online tool for review and collaboration, and exclusive training webinars by industry experts.”

Essentially, the offering is an all-inclusive subscription model that puts the very best and newest versions of all of their course development products into one. The details…

  • Products included in Articulate 360: Storyline 360, Studio 360, Replay 360, Peek, Preso, Content Library, Articulate Review, Articulate Live, and Rise.
  • Annual subscription is $999 ($1,299 for Articulate 360 Teams). There is no monthly subscription at this time, so prepare to sign up for a full year.
  • The price listed above is for a single user, if you want more people on the software you’ll need to purchase additional subscriptions. See the breakdown between Articulate 360 and 360 for Teams here.
  • As always their award-winning support is included – bonus!

I scrolled through the 100+ comments on the release post in Articulate’s Community and found some very happy customers…and some customers with legitimate concerns. Here’s a quick look at what people are stoked and sulked about:

Love love love…

Updated Look

“Simply stunning! I can’t even imagine the incredible team effort that resulted in such a big win. Thank you so much for all things 360 – and congratulations!” – Jackie Van Nice

“Well Done on a much more mature UI! It’s been needed…I like the Web-Design feel and the clean and crisp shapes of objects add a better quality feel to the projects. Blocks is brilliant, a much needed concept in eLearning design that has been around in design for sometime. The workbench/menu for Articulate 360 with all the apps is really intuitive.” – Christiaan Botha

Additional Functionality

“Selective scene publishing. Yes! THANK-YOU! I am very happy I can do this now.” – Zach Ogilvie

“Took the 360 Suite for a test drive and I can say that I love the changes to publishing and responsiveness. The new interaction and options for Storyline and Studio are going to be fun to work with!” – Pedro Fernandez

Innovative Offering

“Articulate 360 is an amazing experience. Having all these tools makes you equipped with all possible elements that you ever wished for in an e-learning course building environment. Get ready to Rock and Roll…” – Stratbeans C

“This is going to be very useful… Innovative move team Articulate!” – Kailas Shinde

“I like the steps you are taking to come closer in your own ability to be more immediately responsive to the changing needs of learning designers.” – Christiaan Botha

Not super happy…

Subscription Price

“The subscription price and the annual only re-up is a deal breaker for so many companies and individuals.” – Pedro Fernanadez

“Nobody wants a subscription model. Correction: no users want a subscription model. Software companies want a subscription model. Seriously – I was expecting a new tool that addressed Storyline’s weaknesses and worked more robustly with HTML5 and xAPI. Very disappointed.” – Anneke Garcia

New Software = New Approval Hurtles

“The cloud integration will place Articulate on the “no fly list” for many government and financial companies. Shame. Unless there is a change in the pricing model there will be a revolt akin to the one Adobe experienced with Captivate.” – Pedro Fernandez

“I was hoping for better news. I work for a financial services company with stringent guidelines around the software which can be used by its team members. All software must be packaged, tested and certified to ensure compliance with these guidelines. Certain features must be disabled, such as automatic updates…We really want to use Storyline and Studio…and I know we can still try the old versions of each. But we know these are a couple of years old, and we want to see some of the advances made by the newer tools in publishing HTML5 content.” – Dave Previdi


In Articulate’s defense, pricing is always going to get some people riled up. When you change the model that your customers are use to and budgeting for it will take some adjustment. And remember, you don’t have to do the subscription, if you just want a Storyline license you can still do that. Articulate will continue to support perpetual versions of their tools for the future. New versions of Storyline and Studio are expected to release in 2017, date tbd.

P.S. – If you’re ready to try it out they have a 30-day free trial!