Sorry if we crushed your dreams of making a whiteboard video. We agree there are some engaging whiteboard videos that instantly make you want one, like this (relatively) famous UPS video.

But this is a tough love post. And there are several reasons you don’t see this type of video on our work page.

1. Many topics aren’t right for whiteboard videos

It’s critical to pick the right type of video to deliver your information.

Truthfully, most ideas aren’t complex enough for whiteboard videos. When done well, whiteboard videos help take a lot of—often complex—information and make it digestible through visual and sometimes humorous means.

As we’ll mention in #3, if you’re explaining something complex, motion graphics videos take that same information one step further, but in a more engaging way.

Like this video we built for Great Expressions:

2. It’s super expensive to get done right

Pre-planning and production is highly rehearsed for a whiteboard video. It takes a lot of manpower (dollars $$$) and a very talented artist to make a great one.

For the untrained eye, this type of media might seem like a fun and easy way to present information. But most people don’t understand just how much work goes into the planning and production until they have started the project and are in over their heads.

Good news is, you have other options.

3. Motion graphics videos > whiteboard videos

In terms of maintaining viewer attention span, there is much creativity and engagement with motion graphics videos.

Unlike the familiar journey you’re on with a whiteboard video, motion graphics are dynamic and more polished, allowing you to travel through the information easily.

Using color and fun transitions, scenes change throughout and connections are made that otherwise would be impossible.

Check out two motion graphic videos we’ve created for Southwest’s LMS Launch Video:

And Stryker Surfaces:

The quality of production is also controlled, so the animator is free to explore meaningful ways to connect your information, with what your viewer is seeing on screen.

So don’t get boarded in—the creative flexibility and potential cost savings you get with motion graphics is enough to ditch whiteboard videos.

Next time you or your coworker is thinking about creating a whiteboard video? Don’t.

Seriously, you should watch one of these.

This Southwest motion graphics video is the newest, watch it.

Watch the video now!