Kalamazoo, MI: At the 2016 Life Science and Educators Network (LTEN) Conference last week in National Harbor, MD iPad application, YouLearn, created by, custom software company, Maestro, and, pharmaceutical giant, Janssen, received the Excellence Award for Innovation. YouLearn is a revolutionary continuous learning platform, enabling sales reps to continuously develop and stay current in the dynamic pharmaceutical industry.

The idea for YouLearn came after Janssen’s Sales Learning & Development (SL&D) team identified that sales reps’ engagement with learning material was very poor. If sales reps did not have a super simple way to access information while on-the-go they were not accessing it at all, hindering the development of junior reps and their ability to perform effectively. The YouLearn iPad app that Maestro and Janssen successfully created removes friction between trainers and learners, replacing a complex matrix of 12 systems with one system.

“Removing friction between trainers and learners is a huge hurdle organizations face.”said Nate Norman, Executive Vice President of Maestro. “YouLearn’s ongoing success is its ability to merge learning content with powerful technology. Field reps see for themselves the boost in their sales numbers and professional abilities, triggering a cycle of improved performance for themselves as well as the company.”

Since the adoption of YouLearn, Janssen franchisees have reached the highest ongoing learning engagement rate in company history. In the first quarter of 2016, YouLearn had:

  • 40,000 content views
  • 200,000 in app minutes
  • 4,000 assignments