Launching a new product is exciting and intimidating. Certainly you are thrilled to get your new product out to your users, but you probably can’t help but wonder. What if we launch and no one uses it? What if all of this effort turns out to be a flop?

There are lots of ways you can set your new product up for success, and most product managers try everything they can to start off with high excitement and high usage. One way to get that done is to up the motivation by demonstrating the value through video.

Product launch videos

You have probably seen many examples of product launch videos that are customer focused and more promotional in nature, like this video for Pretzel M&Ms. But what if it’s a product launch for an internal audience?

One of our clients, pharmaceutical company, Janssen, wanted to do just that—create a video to support their new continuous learning and performance support app launch to their internal team.

There were several reasons to create this video. The first, to communicate the transition from several systems to one app. Second, to inform the users about the features of the app and why it’s important (helpful, exciting) to them. Third, to motivate them to start using the app as soon as possible.

We used live action and user interface to assist in a feature walk through video to show off exactly what the application could do and call out specific use cases that were most applicable to the users.

The most important thing to remember is that this video was all about the user. We wanted the users to know exactly what was in it for them so that they could see the value in using the application long term. It was a great balance of informational and motivational.

Tips for making product launch videos

The shorter the better

2016 study from video expert Wistia show that “engagement is steady up to 2 minutes, meaning that a 90-second video will hold a viewer’s attention as much as a 30-second video.”

This is surprising and actionable information for video marketers. If you’re making short videos, you don’t need to stress about the difference of a few seconds. Just keep it under 2 minutes.

It’s all about the users

Make sure the content you’re sharing is important and useful to the audience.

Delivery methods matter

Think through all of your delivery options, your material will tell you what is best suited for the video. Learn more about your options in our recent blog post, 5 Types of Video with Huge ROI.

Sure you could send an email (boring!) or you could put on an instructor lead training session (hours of time!), but we love the use of video to assist with the launch of an application or product.

Essentially Janssen used this two-minute video to pitch to their sales reps. As the video begins to hit on feature after feature we imagine users thinking “awesome” or “I’ll use that.” You can physically see someone manipulating the application in relation to the use case they are describing so you get it right away. Plus, you can replay it if you missed something!

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