Everyone has it. That perfect t-shirt you wish you’d bought in every color and then a few extras. Had you known how awesome it was going to be at that time you might have bought out the entire store. You can wear it with just about anything…

  • Untucked with pants
  • Tucked in with pants
  • With boots
  • With sandals
  • Under a sweater
  • Dressed up under a blazer
  • Dressed down with khaki shorts
  • With pajama bottoms
  • Over a swimsuit

….the list goes on. It’s one of the best purchases you’ve probably made. Why am I on a totally off-topic tangent about your favorite t-shirt when you want to learn about video?

Well, strategic well-developed video is your favorite t-shirt.

Let’s say, for example, that you work for a medical device company and you make an impressive motion graphics + 3D animation video to introduce a new product. When developed with multi-use in mind, here’s a list of all the ways you could use that one video:

9 Ways to Use 1 Video

1. Pump up video for your sales reps

Get them excited about the new product! Sizzle videos are great for sparking inspiration in reps and showing them why you created the product. Show them how that product is meeting the needs of their clients.

2. Inform your sales reps of the product’s basic functionality

It can be hard to learn the ins-and-outs of a new product especially when reps sell multiple products. Video is a great way to share key information and talking points about products that reps can highlight when talking to prospective clients.

3. Add it to your website for additional marketing collateral

Share that awesome video with the world and showcase your product front and center. Even if the video was made specifically for sales reps, there’s no one saying you can’t use it as a showcase piece on your website or at least part of it.

4. Allow sales reps to use it as a refresher piece to watch before selling the product

Let’s be honest; sometimes it’s just downright hard to memorize facts and stats. Provide that same sizzle and informational video for reps to view right before they make sales calls. This ensures the key points are made top of mind and reps are confident in their product knowledge.

5. Allow sales reps to use it as a performance support piece to teach potential customers about the product’s basic functionality

Store the video in an app or easily accessible YouTube page for reps to share with their prospects and send it to them after the meeting. Video is great for giving prospects a visual of product functionality and it could be used in their organizations.

6. Allow sales reps to use it as a “wow piece” in front of customers

Use the video as part of a sales presentation in front of clients. The same sizzle video for your internal team can be used to spark enthusiasm in potential clients.

7. Reuse the 3D animation portion in an eLearning course

We’ve seen this done in several instances. If you’ve got an amazing video, whether live action, 3D, or motion graphic, there are ways to work it into your eLearning courses.

8. Reuse the 3D animation for performance support or continuous learning

Have an annual sales meeting or refresher course your team takes each year? Use the video here! It’s a great way to highlight and touch upon key points or share any modifications that have been done to the product.

9. Reuse the 3D animation in another video (for sales reps or a different audience)

If you’ve invested in 3D animation, there’s no need to only use it in one video or on the same audience. Consider using the animation in another video, say for a tradeshow or email campaign.

Did the above nine uses for video spark other ideas for your next video project? The list could go on!

What’s great about well-crafted video is, much like you’re favorite t-shirt, it’s an easy sell once you see the value.