Our team frequently goes on trips to meet with clients in-person. Over the past couple of weeks our travels lead us to Texas and Illinois for working sessions with clients. As with any trip of this kind, I was excited to see how floored the team was upon their return and it made me think—there is just something different about an in-person meeting. There is something that you can’t replicate about our team coming to your office and sitting with your people, working through your challenges and together finding the best solution to move forward with.

From my conversations with our traveling teammates I noticed three things that come out of in-person working session with clients.

1. A More Engaging Meeting

Wow does it make a difference when you can map everything out in front of people! Our team loves to whiteboard and brainstorm so when they can start putting the pieces together and get feedback on the fly, the right approaches and solutions seem to reveal themselves and come together quickly. Plus, when we meet in person a miraculous thing happens—phones are down, laptops are closed, and heads are up. That’s how you want to talk with your clients.

2. Get Past Surface Level Relationships

When you meet remotely you miss all of the in between moments to get to know one another. While it might not seem important to the project, it’s the details that make our working relationships, especially communication, most effective. In-person we can learn how you take your coffee, catch you posting a photo of your cute puppy when we all take a water break, or hear all about your recent trip to Rome! We want to know the people we are working with so we can best serve them.

3. A Partnership That Lasts

When you have seen our faces and gotten to know us in person, you are more likely to have trust in us moving forward with the project. We aren’t “salesy”; we are real, transparent, and genuinely want to help. We’ve been told it’s something you can truly see when you interact with us, especially in an in-person working session.

Having the opportunity to come into your home (office) and work with you in-person is something we take very seriously. It’s an amazing opportunity to have a great time building a great partnership. Thank you to everyone that has had us!