Video has quickly become one of the fastest ways to gain and keep attention. That’s why the average consumer with an Internet connection watches roughly 206 videos per month and why YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Snapchat boomed with popularity. If you’re not making video or at least thinking about video for your training and development mix, start. Video packs a powerful learning punch for formal and informal training.

Here are three reasons video is a critical learning medium.

1. Video makes the complex simple.

This past summer, I was installing light fixtures into my bathroom. Having never installed a light fixture (or even turned off my main power), I headed directly to YouTube to search for a tutorial. The video broke down what seemed like an overwhelming task into simple, critical steps. Less than an hour later, I had a light fixture installed.

After that experience, it comes as no surprise to me that “on average, there are 1,000,000,000 mobile video views per day.” The video tutorial, my performance support, made me feel like a pro, which is exactly how your learners can feel. Seeing something in action is a whole different ball game.

We have also found it is especially helpful to use motion graphics in videos that are trying to simplify the complex, especially when it’s not something that you are physically manipulating, like changing a light fixture. For example, one of our partners needed help explaining a complicated compensation model to potential recruits. This motion graphics video is what we made for them. Pretty simple and engaging, right?

2. Video is a master of seduction.

Admit it, videos give you the feels. When you’re reading text, your brain is busy reading, but when you’re watching a video, your brain is busy feeling. What’s great about feeling something is that it’s a perfect engagement method to get people to learn something.

It’s great to use the emotive quality of video to motivate your learners to value certain behaviors, procedures, or products, like we did for Stryker—see the video!

3. Video is better bang for your learning buck.

Research has shown that 83% of human learning takes place visually. It stands to reason that video is a more efficient use of learning time, especially for an audience with a short attention span—everyone these days! See what just one minute of video accomplished for our medical device partner, Stryker!

Are you using video to develop content for your learners? If you are, I’m sure you’ve seen these very benefits from your video. If you aren’t, start! Video is no longer something that is just nice to haveit’s something your learners are starting to expect.

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