Simplify your knowledge transfer process with our free template

When you’re in the middle of a knowledge transfer, you’re already juggling a lot. So leave the organization to us! We designed this useful spreadsheet to help you keep track of every important detail. All you have to do is download it and get started.

A template of a knowledge transfer spreadsheet with several columns and rows.

This template makes knowledge transfer easy (peasy)

  • Pick your file type. We weren’t sure if you prefer Google Sheets or Excel, so we made you both. Choose whichever is best for you!
  • Get started right away. We know you need a tool that just works so you can get to work. It only takes about 3 minutes to download and read through the spreadsheet.
  • Everything you need is included. We’ve already thought through all the important parts, so you can start organizing and be confident you’re not forgetting anything.