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​"I value above all else genuine, caring people."

Sometimes a spirited battalion of words fights its way out of the obscurity of text, demanding to be noticed, thought about and dealt with. The quote above is one such collection, straight from the heart and mind of Tommy Grill, one of Maestro's newest interactive designers. It is one thing to hear such an eloquent expression of the kind of colleagues Tommy values, but quite another to learn that he thinks he's found a company full of them. Read on.

Tommy grew up with his Mom and Dad and older sister Laura in the suburbs of Chicago. Both Tommy and Laura were obsessed with all things musical during their early years and today Laura teaches music in Boston. Tommy focused on singing and playing bass and trombone—until, that is, he applied for the graphic design program at Western Michigan University. But his passions were divided and he ended up graduating with a double major. Tommy says music is still his second passion and consumes a lot of his spare time—along with running, reading, making art, watching hockey and spending time with family and friends.

"My goals include always growing as an individual and designer and eventually having a family and a house. I would also like to delve deeper into UX design, animation and film editing as I grow in my career as an interactive designer at Maestro." Tommy has great things to say about the work, the space and the community. "But Maestro's employees are what I quickly realized set it apart from comparable companies. There are somehow no egos and no drama. It is all about positive, hardworking, creative people who care about and believe in each other and the success of the company. It is a great place to be at a great time in the learning technology industry."

Right off the Grill:

  • Was a high school gymnast.
  • Survived skydiving.
  • Does a great Kermit the Frog impression, but not by request.

Fave Song

For Once in My Life by Stevie Wonder on the album, For Once In My Life