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Always introduced as a tool. Never offended.

With a name like Wrench, he has to expect the jokes, right? But you'll think it's time to put jokes aside when you meet Thomas for real. At Maestro, we think of him as a talented instrument helping us to build a better company.

A product of nearby Plainwell, Thomas moved to Kalamazoo in 2006 after a post-high school traveling spree that lasted two years. He spent five years as the Lead Designer in Kalamazoo Valley Community College's marketing department, where he and his team won "a crazy number of Higher Ed awards for our branding/recruitment/marketing." Thomas is also a professional wedding photographer and filmmaker during the summer months.

Of his wife, Thomas says, "I met, dated and married Hannah within 18 months of meeting her. We are both very active at The River Church and, along with our twin daughters and black lab Gibson, moved into the Milwood neighborhood in 2013." Thomas admits to watching with slight envy as Maestro became "… the most talented group in town. I knew the company was doing something I could do, and I didn't want to be left out." Ask him how tweeting played a role in his landing a job here. Ahhh, technology. You're a headhunter, too?

Wrench These

  • Ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.
  • Hitchhiked up and down California for a summer.
  • Collects empty Apple® product boxes.

Fave Song

Further On by Bronze Radio Return on the album, Up, On & Over