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Believes doors should be as open as minds.

"We use our home as a hospitality ministry, where we take people in who need a place to stay or host game nights to help build relationships. We have an open door policy in which we encourage people to take advantage. In the last 14 years we've had seven people share our home with us for more than a month at a time. The most recent has been with us for more than a year. We strive to provide a safe place for people where they can discover who they are and become the best version of who they are supposed to be."

Shaun and wife Jennifer are the parents of a self-proclaimed family of "geeky people who love Tolkien and Lewis. Just look at the kids' names: Josiah, Braedon, Thorin, Rilian, Eowyn and Tirian." Shaun also likes board games such as Settlers of Catan, Smallworld and Carcassonne, video games, cosplay, Independent Professional Wrestling as well as singing and playing guitar/bass. On the list of things he doesn't like are Monopoly and other traditional board games, dishonesty and steak cooked well. ("The cow was killed once. Don't do it again.") He looks forward to one day visiting New Zealand and Cardiff Wales—the locations where some of his favorite movies and shows have been filmed.

Shaun has an associate's degree in Computer Information Management and has been developing professionally for 17 years. He speaks of past jobs in terms of results and says his work has, for example, helped people get paid, get power, buy houses, get health insurance, secure their financial future and get medical care—to name a few benefits. "I want to work for a great company with awesome people on meaningful projects. Maestro brings those together perfectly. If a company's success can be measured by the quality of people with whom they partner, then Maestro's future is bright."

Selectively Shaun:

  • A descendant of the Hatfields . . . yes, those Hatfields.
  • Likes to spend some of his spare time in cosplay as the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who.
  • Was a singer in several hair metal cover bands in the late 80s.

Fave Song

Sever by We As Human on the album, We As Human