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​Why joining our company doubled her pleasure.

It's simple, really. A devoted horsewoman since age 7, Courtney Noonan owned a Thoroughbred named, you guessed it—Maestro—before jockeying her way into our employee ranks. So nowadays, Maestro reminds her of Maestro. And vice versa. Should we be jealous? After all, Courtney is the only person we know who loves and works with two high-spirited Thoroughbreds. She grew up telling everyone she was going to be an Olympic showjumper. Today, Courtney owns two horses and still says one of her favorite places to spend time is in the barn cleaning stalls and brushing out Tia and Maestro.

Courtney grew up in Ann Arbor, MI, with Mom and Dad and two younger sisters, both with names also beginning with C. In fact, the threesome used to be referred to as C1, C2 and C3 to minimize confusion. C1 attended Hillsdale College and majored in marketing and management. Some of her closest friends remain her sorority sisters from Pi Beta Phi sorority. After graduating from Hillsdale, she returned to Ann Arbor to work a few years as a marketing associate and event coordinator for a data center. Then came a summer in northern Michigan working at a national horse show before going back to Hillsdale College to work in their Career Services office.

Courtney loves everything about the great outdoors and thinks the scent of pine forests is "pretty much heaven." She loves spending time at her family's place on the Manistee River kayaking, fly fishing or snowshoeing, depending on the season. She connected with Maestro (the company not the horse) by simply making a call one day. As a result, she met Annette and Sydney and had a tour. She continued to stay in touch with Sydney and ". . . as the saying goes, the rest is history." She says reading Maestro's core beliefs was a breath of fresh air. "I respect the transparency of people here and I love that everybody lives out the core beliefs on a daily basis."

Curiously Courtney:

  • Was once asked for her autograph on an airplane.
  • At three years of age she thought badgers lived under her bed.
  • Once ran into Liam Hemsworth on the streets of Ann Arbor.

Fave Song

Riser by Steve Moakler on the album, Wide Open