Amy O’Donnell

Design Director

Three words that describe you

Prickly most days, witty on a good day. I'm funny sometimes.

Two things you can’t work without

Gurnt Bag + Boulter

Best part of working at Maestro

The people... hands down. This company is filled with such intelligent and talented people who create really cool things. Everyone is crazy humble, hilarious, and like family.

Favorite exercise

Petting my dog

Current Netflix binge

All of the seasons of Home Improvement are on Hulu, so that's what I'm up to

Three random facts about you that few people know

1. I tell everyone I'm 5'3" when I'm really only 5'2". 2. My dog Smuckers got her name from the coughing dog in Seinfeld. 3. Sometimes, I buy shoes in kid sizes.