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UX Designer

Maestro is looking for a passionate and ambitious UX Designer to join our team full-time. As a UX designer you will share responsibilities of requirements gathering, ideating, creating, and maintaining concepts to communicate potential solutions. The ideal candidate will have great attention to detail and live for pixel perfection. You will be working with a team of designers, strategists, developers, and business stakeholders from concept to completion to craft meaningful experiences for our users through iterative design.

Key Responsibilities

  • Transform abstract ideas into tangible prototypes by balancing user stories, technical constraints, and business objectives to inform your solution.
  • Advocate for collaborative design, design thinking, and an inclusive UX process from the very start of a project lifecycle.
  • Create deliverables to communicate your design work including sketches, wireframes, low-fi concepts, specifications and high-fi prototypes.
  • Maintain and organize Sketch files and InVision projects to ensure consistency across UI components and projects.
  • Craft beautiful UI that integrates both convention and design trends.
  • Continually give and solicit UX feedback from others across a wide-range of disciplines to achieve a rich perspective.
  • Embrace rapid prototyping to generate numerous potential solutions to a problem. More importantly, screen out bad ideas and identify good ones. In our environment, a designer needs the ability to brainstorm without attachment to any particular idea.
  • Work closely with developers to take an idea from concept to implementation.
  • Properly document design decisions and provide dev-ready assets.
  • Work with product owners and key stakeholders to brainstorm and identify opportunities for improving the overall user experience.
  • Be the champion of usability and user-centered design principles.
  • Dive deep into customer pain points—advocate and invent on behalf of them.
  • Ability to manage and prioritize projects while still maintaining pixel-perfect attention to details.
  • You are comfortable working in a space where problems and solutions are not well defined. You can cope with change, shift gears comfortably, and can decide and act without having the total picture.
  • Understand complex systems and processes, both in software and in the real world. You will be required to digest and understand the many complex factors that govern enterprise software design.

Job Qualifications

  • 1 year of experience creating digital interfaces, large scale websites, or complex software applications across a range of channels. (web, mobile, etc.)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Interaction Design, HCI, Product Design, or related studies.
  • Strong portfolio with work samples showcasing expertise in user experience design, creativity and aesthetics, and depth of thought.
  • Strong written, visual, and verbal communication skills to collaborate with team members and project stakeholders.
  • Open to feedback, knows how give and receive, and how and when to defend design decisions.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other intelligent and talented individuals.
  • Experience working across organizational boundaries to define, manage, and prioritize work.
  • Proficiency with design tools such as Sketch and InVision.


  • Base salary depends on experience and talent level.
  • Compensation package includes medical and dental insurance.

Additional Comments

  • Maestro is seeking to fill a full-time position.
  • Looking for the right combination of talent, chemistry, character, and passion.
  • Light travel may be required.
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