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A Maestro Ambassador is someone beginning or a few years into their career in sales, business development and account management. They are interested in being developed through hands-on coaching and want to be mentored. They love the prospect of mastering the basics of sales in order to grow into managing a select group of stellar clients, including the largest and most successful global brands like Google, Marriott Hotels, Southwest Airlines and others.

Key Responsibilities

Research and reach outs through phone and email to warm and cold leads at the world’s most respected companies

Earn respect and schedule meetings with potential customers to demonstrate Maestro’s capabilities

Update and edit contact records within the CRM

Provide demos, lead meetings with potential clients and manage existing partnerships in order to assume increasingly complex roles as benchmarks and goals are achieved

Manage ongoing relationships with key prospects in order to cultivate them into clients

Represent Maestro at trade shows, client site meetings and other public-facing events

Job Qualifications


We assume you can tell the kind of experience that this job would benefit from. That said we’re more interested in hiring for culture fit, work ethic and growth potential. Therefore we want to leave this application open, regardless of experience levels of applicants.

Maestro Culture

At Maestro, we are all learning how to be more effective in our jobs as we perform beautifully. A common denominator across all employees is our commitment to enjoying hard work and doing incredible things. We build custom digital content and software to meet the needs of our clients, oftentimes through new and innovative technology that wasn’t even possible the year before. Needless to say we adapt quickly and never “get comfortable.” We support each other and work as a team with servant-hearts towards each other as well as our clients. And, have fun!


An Ambassador knows when to listen, how to lead conversations and would be described as one of the best communicators their friends have ever met. They naturally sympathize with problems their clients are facing and truly care about helping to find solutions.

The ideal candidate will have a desire to start with learning and effectively demonstrating the basics of sales and gain increases in responsibilities, opportunities and compensation as they prove mastery of the essentials.

Attributes of the Ideal Candidate

  • Passionate about building strong partnerships with clients through complex sales cycles
  • Loves beautiful design
  • Believes in the power of technology to make lives, companies and our world a better place
  • Genuinely interested in hearing people’s individual needs and helping to guide them to Maestro’s solutions
  • Is an incredible listener who can also lead conversations
  • Teachable, humble attitude coupled with an insatiable desire to advance knowledge, abilities, compensation and career
  • Loves the adrenaline rush of winning and is naturally competitive
  • Faces nervousness and uncertainty with an intrinsic passion to figure it out
  • Learns through wins and success, but also through failure and mistakes
  • Would never be described as a wimp or quitter


Salary depends on talent level.

Compensation package includes medical and dental insurance.

Additional Comments

To Apply

Submit the following materials to

  • Resume or CV
  • Your best attempt at a short email to a potential buyer (of a product/service of your choice) with the goal of enticing them to meet with you to learn more.
  • Preferred, but not required:
    • 1-2 Letters of Recommendation from people in your life who you respect on your work ethic and capabilities as a communicator.
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