What is Articulate 360?

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At Maestro, Articulate 360 is one of our favorite course development tools. We love using their suite of authoring tools to help clients create courses that engage and empower their learners! Whether you’re looking for responsive design, ease of use, or multimedia functionality—Articulate 360 has you covered. Here’s our review of the tool.

What is Articulate 360?

In their words, “Articulate 360 is everything you need for course development in one convenient subscription. Articulate 360 includes several award-winning authoring tools, a responsive-authoring app, screencasting apps, an ever-growing library of course assets, an online tool for review and collaboration, and exclusive training webinars by industry experts.”

Essentially, the offering is an all-inclusive subscription model that puts the very best and newest versions of all of their course development products into one. Here’s an Articulate 360 overview:

  • Products included in Articulate 360: Storyline 360, Rise 360, Studio 360, Replay 360, Peek, Preso, Content Library, Articulate Review, and Articulate Live.
  • Annual subscription is $999 ($1,299 for Articulate 360 Teams). There is no monthly subscription at this time, so prepare to sign up for a full year. Learn more by visiting Articulate 360 pricing.
  • The price listed above is for a single user, if you want more people on the software you’ll need to purchase additional subscriptions. See the breakdown between Articulate 360 and 360 for Teams here.
  • As always, their award-winning support is included – bonus!
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Pros and Cons of Articulate 360

We scrolled through the 100+ comments on the release post in Articulate’s Community to capture some of the most relevant pros and cons (and added some of our own). The highlights:

Pro: Modern user interface

Articulate 360 has a user-friendly, visually pleasing interface that makes modern learning accessible and functional. Articulate Rise’s UI abandons the tired and traditional voiceover courses for component-based learning that leads to shorter seat times and more interactivity as learners swipe and tap their way through multimedia content. Storyline 360’s slide-based interface may be simpler than Rise’s, but it’s no less beautiful and easy for anyone to build a visually stunning course. Here’s what some of the reviewers said:

“Simply stunning! I can’t even imagine the incredible team effort that resulted in such a big win. Thank you so much for all things 360 – and congratulations!” – Jackie Van Nice

“Well Done on a much more mature UI! It’s been needed…I like the Web-Design feel and the clean and crisp shapes of objects add a better quality feel to the projects. Blocks is brilliant, a much needed concept in eLearning design that has been around in design for sometime. The workbench/menu for Articulate 360 with all the apps is really intuitive.” – Christiaan Botha

Con: Subscription price

With every subscription-based model, price tends to be an issue. However, by subscribing to Articulate’s suite of programs, you guarantee that you will always have the most up-to-date software with the latest features for creating standout eLearning courses. We believe that great learning is an investment, and Articulate 360 is totally worth it.

“The subscription price and the annual only re-up is a deal breaker for so many companies and individuals.” – Pedro Fernanadez

“Nobody wants a subscription model. Correction: no users want a subscription model. Software companies want a subscription model. Seriously – I was expecting a new tool that addressed Storyline’s weaknesses and worked more robustly with HTML5 and xAPI. Very disappointed.” – Anneke Garcia

Pro: Additional functionality

“Selective scene publishing in Storyline. Yes! THANK-YOU! I am very happy I can do this now.” – Zach Ogilvie

“Took the 360 Suite for a test drive and I can say that I love the changes to publishing and responsiveness. The new interaction and options for Storyline and Studio are going to be fun to work with!” – Pedro Fernandez

“The new triggers panel workflow has made creating interactions so much easier with its updated organization and inline editing.” — Pete Rix

Pro and Con: Accessibility

Accessibility is important for everyone. With that in mind, Storyline 360 can be made 508 compliant and Rise recently updated their features to support Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)—which includes the ability to use screen readers. The Articulate 360 team is constantly looking for ways to improve their products, and they have stated that their accessibility features are evolving to include keyboard navigation, too.

A different constraint of Articulate 360 is the transferability of custom field labels when designing courses in other languages. By default, Rise offers default French, German and Spanish course labels for UI. However, when designing courses in other languages, our team has to send a list of those custom fields for our clients to recreate on their account.

Despite these hurdles, subscription models are constantly being updated, meaning you won’t have to worry about courses becoming dated quickly.

Pro: Innovative features

Articulate 360 programs offer tons of innovative and helpful features to make the course of your dreams. In Rise, customizable blocks can be formatted to deliver quizzes, assessments, and multimedia content. The other great thing about Articulate 360 is that you don’t need custom code to get stunning results; course themes and components can be easily customized to fit your brand image and deliver consistent messaging. One of our favorite features is Storyline 360’s expanded tracking options. This opens up the ability to leverage one of the software’s greatest assets: branching.

“With out-of-the-box thinking, we’ve been able to approach the use of individual blocks or combinations of blocks to address some unique client needs and create extremely customized looks.”  —The Learning Design Team

“Articulate 360 is an amazing experience. Having all these tools makes you equipped with all possible elements that you ever wished for in an e-learning course building environment. Get ready to Rock and Roll…” – Stratbeans C

“This is going to be very useful… Innovative move team Articulate!” – Kailas Shinde

“I like the steps you are taking to come closer in your own ability to be more immediately responsive to the changing needs of learning designers.” – Christiaan Botha

3 Reasons to use Articulate 360

When taking into account the pros and cons of Articulate 360, we still see it as a clear winner. Here are a few reasons we think you should use Articulate 360 for your next eLearning project.

1. Articulate is one of the leading tools for course development

78,000 organizations use Articulate programs to author their courses, and there’s a reason for it. The company provides consistent updates, amazing support, and the features you need most to create compelling and impactful courses.

Among its programs is Storyline 360: a feature-packed slide based course builder. This program is robust, providing a high degree of customization, assessment capabilities, and features like branching, advanced triggers, and touchscreen gestures that are perfect for intelligent voiceover courses.

Need something more responsive? Look no further than Articulate Rise, the interactive and responsive course builder designed to work seamlessly across multiple devices. Rise is a cloud-based course builder that’s also packed with features like course components, content blocks, premade course outlines, and multimedia elements for a learner-centered, self-paced experience.

2. Articulate Rise can be used beyond eLearning

We love multi-functional capabilities, and with Articulate Rise, you can easily use the web-based software to build things other than courses. With one of our clients, we leveraged Rise’s assessment feature to introduce and encourage their employees to explore the new company website. So whether you’re introducing an interactive activity, creating a field guide, or even running an employee scavenger hunt, Rise has the features you need to build and beautifully display your work.

3. Keep your learning in a single ecosystem

Though the price of subscriptions is often high, there is nothing better than having all of your company’s learning in one ecosystem. Because Articulate 360 offers multiple high-quality tools to accomplish course objectives, it makes for a more cohesive experience for everyone involved—even making things like project management for eLearning much easier and less prone to technical obstacles.

Great software inspires great courses

What is Articulate 360? Well, now you know. And when you value your learners and their experience above all, investing in Articulate 360 is truly a no-brainer. They do offer a free trial if you’re ready to test it out or if you’re looking for a partner for your next learning project that uses all of the right tools… Hi! We’re here! Let’s work together!

See Articulate 360 in action!

We used Articulate Rise to empower learners around the world at Royal Caribbean.

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